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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

“The Mainsheet deadline is this week” was the subject line from the Editor.

“Oh $#!%, I’ve been so focused on Opening Day, I don’t even have a subject to write about yet, any ideas?” I asked out loud, scratching my head as I read my email.

“By the time everyone reads your article, boating season will be well underway. There is a full racing calendar…Yachting Cup is the first weekend in May then, on Mother’s Day weekend, all of the classics will be on the front dock, med-tied with Sally for the Yesteryear regatta, and after that, it’s California Offshore Week - just to get the season started.” recalled the East Coaster.

“You’re right, now that the bulk of work is done and everyone has their boat ready, it’s time to get out on the water and enjoy the yachting activities,” I said.

“I think you are optimistic, Krabby - I’m not so sure that most people really make the effort to do all the preventive maintenance tasks that you preach about,” observed the East Coaster bringing me back to earth.

“Yes, yes – I know, I took my boat husbandry responsibilities to a level that put me very close to being keelhauled. I suppose it’s because I know too well all of the things that could go wrong and I would have no excuse if I ignored it and something went afoul. That being said, there are priorities when it comes to taking care of a boat and as long as the essentials are taken care of, then anyone can have a safe and enjoyable summer of sailing. Summer really is the time to focus on the fun part of boating activities.” I said, as I put away my varnish brush and pointed to my empty cup.

“How about discussing your other favorite yachting activity: food & drinks. Is that why you are pointing to your cup? Let’s give our readers some great ideas for summertime libations aboard. Doesn’t the Editor have a birthday coming up, I believe it is Yesteryear weekend…let’s create a drink and appetizer for her birthday sail! We’ll start experimenting now, with your empty cup. You try the rum drinks and I will try the gin and vodka,” said the East Coaster, eager to get into a less dusty part of the boating experience.

“Great idea! How about we try a mixer of club soda and a squeeze or two of fresh grapefruit? That’s a perfect boat drink - fresh, hydrating, and it keeps the scurvy away. All you need is some fruit, rum, club soda, and ice. Now, what about appetizer ideas?” I said extending my hand with my still-empty cup.

“Alright Krabby, your drink is coming…” she said holding my cup hostage for the first sip, “hey, this turned out tasty…I’m going to try a variation with gin and the Editor can decide which she prefers. As for food, let’s start with some lettuce wraps with prosciutto, pesto, and provolone. It’s simple, fresh, and easy to make in advance or on the boat. I’ll admit talking about food and drinks is a nice break from talking about the technical aspects of boating, but are we going in the wrong direction here?” inquired the East Coaster, finally handing over my experimental rum drink.

“Thanks, cheers. You are right, it is a nice break – and this IS delicious. While we may not be chefs or bartenders, we do entertain aboard often and since summer boating season is upon us, sharing some of our insights from the galley may be useful, if not just entertaining, for our readers. I think it’s always helpful to share ideas that work aboard for us and our guests.

You know, anyone can grab sandwiches at the deli and box of beer, but I’ve always thought that after all the labor we put into our boats, it makes the time spent aboard even more fun and rewarding when you serve food and drink that compliment your pride of ownership. We deserve it after all that work. It’s really not difficult to prepare simple but elegant food and drink, even in the smallest of galleys - if you are a little creative.” I said sampling my new drink.

“That makes sense. This gin drink is very refreshing, it would go well with poke or ceviche, we can pick some up from one of the local markets…and I could make a sangria too.” said the East Coaster, full of new ideas. “Sounds like a good start to summer yachting. Uh, oh - my cup has found sandy bottoms,” I said, while taking a visual inventory of the galley for ingredients, “let’s try a squeeze of one of those blood oranges.” Another refreshing choice.

“The more I think about it, the more I think we need to build a folding cocktail table in the cockpit for all this food and drink, I’m surprised Sally doesn’t have one already. And… hey, how about a cocktail flag; what exactly is the protocol for cocktail hour?” asked the energetic hostess, “Do we get to fire the signal canon for happy hour?”

“That sound like a good discussion for next time. For now, let’s get back to planning the Editor’s birthday and creating some new summer recipes for entertaining with our family, friends, and race crew.” I said sampling our latest drink experiment.

Cheers to the 2018 Season! From Krabby, the East Coaster, and the Editor.

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