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Bottom Paint & Boatyards - What to Expect?

“Hey Krabby,” called the editor as I was making my way to the bar. “Here’s a question for this month’s column, you’ll like it – it’s an easy on for you – about boat yards.

Dear Krabby,

I think I should get my boat hauled out for bottom paint. I’m pretty sure that all I need to do is call around to the local yards and get some estimates. My diver says he could get me a great deal too. What else do I need to know? It’s just like taking your car in for oil change, right?


“Meyer’s and Tonic, please Bobby.” I said as I out flanked the editor to the bar. “Yup, this guy has all the answers – let me know how he makes out.”

“Not so fast Krabby, you have more insight than that! I heard about a lecture you do called, ‘Surviving a Haul Out’, and I even found this old outline.” “Oh $%&@!, Bobby – you better go easy on this first round, looks like I still have some work to do…Ok, how to survive a haul out….

Dear Paints-a-peeling,

No matter how much time you spend taking care of your vessel - sooner or later you will have to put your boat on the hard to clean and paint the bottom and take care of other maintenance items (that were ignored last time the boat was out of the water).

Planning in advance is key, because once the boat is high & dry, it may be difficult to find a leak, or issue with the prop or shaft. It is best to be organized so the yard can schedule the resources you need.

Boat yards that work on yachts are a unique service business: an industrial facility that caters to delicate recreational vessels. These facilities are located on prime waterfront property and employ an eclectic group of talent that operate large, heavy equipment. As you might imagine, everything about this operation is expensive.

To get the best value from the yard, you need to communicate any and every issue that must be addressed when the boat is out of the water – well in advance of your haul out.

Want to make smoke come out of a boatyard operators ears? Call him and add a list of tasks to the work order after the boat is hauled – then ask to have it done by Friday…at a bargain rate.

Take a look at my outline of things to think about before your boat yard adventure. With some careful planning, you can avoid to be keel hauled during your boat’s haul out.

“Now, there is something wrong with my drink. I think my glass has sprung a leak…do I need a boat yard or a bartender?”

Happy Hauling, Krabby

Planning for a Haul Out

• Perform a Pre-haul Sea-Trial to check for performance issues, engine alignment, vibration, leaks, overheating, etc.

o Make a detailed list of everything to address.

• Know your boat – make, length, beam, weight, type of bottom paint (hard, soft, anti-fouling, and brand (Interlux)

• Consider taking care of other issues while out of the water:

o Service Running Gear: propeller, shaft, rudder, bearing, packing glands, zincs

o Thru-hull maintenance or installation

o Topside Refinishing

o New equipment installation: transducer, knot log, radio ground

o Survey for insurance, pre-purchase, or appraisal

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